A selection of British, American and Continental European favourites baked to order and delivered to your home or office. All our  products are made the old-fashioned way with high quality ingredients and  without the addition of any artificial flavourings or  preservatives.


Hot Cross Buns

This sweet, spicy, fruity bun  was originally eaten on Good Friday as a special treat to mark the end of  the Lent fast. These days, it´s enjoyed all over the English-speaking world in the weeks leading up to Easter. Ours is made with wheat flour, demerara sugar, whole milk, butter, free-range eggs, raisins, sultanas, candied fruit peel, orange juice and and lemon zest. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardomom, ginger and cloves provide the spicing. The traditional way to serve hot cross buns is split and buttered, either plain or toasted.


Approximate weight 60 grams per bun. Baked fresh on the day of delivery.