Hot Cross Buns


This sweet, spicy, fruity bun  was originally eaten on Good Friday as a special treat to mark the end of  the Lent fast. These days, it´s enjoyed all over the English-speaking world in the weeks leading up to Easter. Ours is made with wheat flour, demerara sugar, whole milk, butter, free-range eggs, raisins, sultanas, candied fruit peel, orange juice, lemon zest  and mixed spices  ( cinnamon, nutmeg, cardomom, ginger and cloves). Finished with a sugar glaze. The traditional way to serve hot cross buns is split and buttered, either plain or toasted. Sold only as a six pack.

Serves: 6 buns per pack


Approximate weight 60 grams per bun. Baked fresh on the day of delivery.

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