Flan Parisiene


This French-style custard tart can be found in pâtisseries all over France. It has a filling of créme pâtissiére which is a staple of French baking and is used in everything from éclairs to pains aux raisins. Ours is made with  the traditional recipe of heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, corn flour, free-range egg yolks and pure vanilla extract. It has a buttery shortcrust pastry case and is finished with an apricot jam glaze. It´s delicious eaten just as it is but can also be dressed up with fresh fruit and/or a fruit coulis to make an elegant dinner party dessert. Best eaten at room temperature or slightly warmed up. 

Serves: 10 portions.


Baked to order, sealed in an airtight bag and chilled until the day of delivery.


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