Raspberry and mango mousse cake


This lovely mousse cake would be a table-stopper for any special occasion and it´s easy to slice too. It alternates layers of a light Genoise sponge infused with sugar syrup after baking with two delicious mousses made from fresh whipped cream, fruit puree, sugar and unflavoured gelatine. It´s topped with a soft-set mango jelly. Please click on the ingredients tab below to see a full list of ingredients. Best served chilled straight from the fridge.

Serves: 12-14 slices


Assembled on the day prior to delivery and chilled until delivery. Large 9 inch/23 cms. diameter cake, yields 12-14  slices.


Genoise sponge: eggs, wheat flour, salt, sugar, butter, vanilla extract. Raspberry mousse: fresh whipping cream, raspberry puree, sugar, unflavoured gelatine. Mango mousse: fresh whipping cream, mango puree, lime juice, sugar, unflavoured gelatine. Mango jelly: mango puree, lime juice, sugar, unflavoured gelatine.



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